CheckIN Cards - Little Ideas

CheckIN Cards - Little Ideas

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CheckIN Cards - Little Ideas

Sometimes it's hard to get to know your kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids. You love them dearly, but you hardly know them! They want to tell you more - you just need to ask the right questions.

Designed to stop those one-word answers, CheckIN Cards open up a world of imagination, great ideas, and positive mental health while encouraging communication. It's a chance to share your experiences and find out how much you have in common.

CheckIN Cards - Little Ideas

A collection of five cards with envelopes, with fun themes:

  • Cool Song - music sounds, moves and more!

  • Body Signs - listening to our instincts, happy and sad.

  • Hide and Seek - a game for everyone, talk strategies.

  • Pet for a Day - imagining life as a favoured animal.

  • Super You - encouraging the superheroes within.

Includes a Guide to help you have better conversations with the kids in your life and keep a record of cards sent. Respond quickly to replies by sms or mail using envelopes supplied.