Colour Morphing Smoosho Squishy Ball

Colour Morphing Smoosho Squishy Ball

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Colour Morphing Smoosho Squishy Ball

This slow-rising Smooshos is satisfying to squeeze with a little extra squish!

Squash it with your fist, knead it with your hands or squeeze and stretch it to alleviate prolonged boredom!

It's a great distraction toy that glows in the dark for night time play, we bet you'll have a hard time putting it down!

Watch as the slow-rising insides re-form into their natural round shape when you’re done.

Pull it out in the car, or bring it out when the kids are on school holidays. They'll poke and prod it for endless entertainment!

Approximately 10cm in diameter - each sold separately.

Available in 4 assorted colours (chosen at random).

Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to, but unfortunately they don't... Depending on use they may last an hour, a week or a year. Generally the freindlier you are, the longer they last. All squishy and stretchy items are durable, but not indestructible. Not recommended for children who may try to bite, chew or ingest the contents. Avoid aggressive or excessive squishing, stretching and contact with any sharp objects.

Note: If you have a colour preference, please make a note in your order comments. We’ll do our best to fulfil your request based on availability.