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IQ Link

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Smart Games IQ Link

Puzzles are one thing, but multi-level logic problems are a whole other story! Sort of!

Smart Games have produced a puzzle that is designed to engage the mind... the mind of children and adults! Develop logical thinking skills, strategic planning, as well as visual and spacial perception. No longer are you just putting a pretty picture together, because now you have to think.

Don’t you just love science-y things? Like molecule structures and particle physics and DNA strands? Isn’t it disappointing that you don’t get to tinker with them in a lab? Well the IQ Link Puzzle might just tide you over until you get your crazy lab technician certificate!

The aim of this puzzle is to arrange the coloured links on the board as shown in the accompanying booklet, and then use the left over links to fill in the gaps. There’s only one solution, so it’s likely you’ll be wracking your brain for some time trying to come up with a solution. If you want, you can ease yourself in to it with the ‘starter’ puzzles, and work yourself up to ‘wizard’ status.

Go on, get your geek going!

IQ Link Puzzle features:
  • Suitable for children from eight years of age, right through to adults.
  • The aim is to arrange the coloured puzzle links in to a sequence from the accompanying puzzle book. There are 36 puzzle links but only 24 spaces on the board, and you have to find room for them all!
  • Rings and balls of different puzzle pieces can occupy the same place when you link them the right way.
  • Perfect size for travel.
  • 120 multi-level puzzles (with solutions), from easy to expert.
  • Helps to build problem-solving skills and IQ.