Melody Mix

Melody Mix

The I'm Toy Melody Mix is a wonderful activity toy to nurture your little one's musical side. Your budding musician will be eager to play a tune on the xylophone, flip it over to bang the drum, or trill the triangles for hours!

The I'm Toy Melody Mix is an musical toy that comes with 10 musical instruments in 1 compact instruments:

  • xylophone
  • drum
  • tubular chimes
  • triangle
  • cymbal
  • bells
  • maracas
  • castanet
  • double guiro
  • and pair of rhythm sticks plus
  • 2 strikers and
  • 1 scraper.

This musical toy is double sided, flip it over from the xlyophone & the drum is on the flip side.

Crafted from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non toxic child safe paints and laquers, this colourful musical activity toy will soon become your toddler's favourite!

Its dimensions are approx. 35 x 35 x 16cm