Paola Reina - Alex

Paola Reina - Alex

Alex is a soft Paola Reina doll with mechanism that cries and says “papa” and “mama” when his dummy is taken out of his mouth. He’s a blue-eyed baby boy doll with long black eye lashes. This Paola Reina doll is soft in the middle with a high-quality vinyl head, arms and legs and trademark vanilla scent. Alex wear a soft, light marl grey hooded cardigan over a mid-grey jumpsuit with black stars. A beautiful unisex gift for any child.     

All Paola Reina dolls are made with high-quality vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) without ethers or phthalates and meeting all European and Australian quality and safety regulations. Made in Alicante, Spain with materials sourced from within Europe.


  • Mechanism inside the soft middle that cries and says “papa” and “mama”
  • Dummy (pacifier)
  • Soft vanilla scent
  • Eyes are made of hard plastic including life-like eye lashes
  • Eyes close when laid down
  • Vinyl head until just below the neck. Vinyl hands and arms up until shoulder. Vinyl feet and legs to mid thigh.
  • Middle of doll is soft with fibre filling.  
  • Clothes are made with quality fabrics designed by the Paola Reina team
  • Made in Spain
  • Doll measures 36 cm/14 inch
  • Packed in beautiful gift boxes  



Paola Reina Soft Baby Doll 'Alex' is suitable for age 3+