Peg 'n Ball Smackeroo

Peg 'n Ball Smackeroo

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Discoveroo Peg 'n Ball Smackeroo

This gorgeous wooden toy combines two classic toys in one to give your child even more enjoyment!  A fun way to learn hand and eye coordination and built to last thousands of smacks.  It comes with 3 coloured balls in blue, green and yellow, 4 coloured pegs in orange, blue, green and yellow, 1 hammer and a bench.

The Peg and Ball Smackeroo measures 27cm x 12cm x 9cm.  Recommended from 18 months.  Made from Beech wood, safe coating and safe paint  so you can be confident as your baby or child plays.

Discoveroo is an Australian brand making wooden toys for babies, toddlers and children. All their wooden toys are beautifully crafted to encourage your child’s fun and creative side while learning at the same time.

Wooden Toys are educational and assist in early childhood development in those first critical years of your child’s life. They are also sturdy, long lasting and sustainable.


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