Playmobil Country Adventure Pony Ride

Playmobil Country Adventure Pony Ride

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Playmobil Country Adventure Pony Ride

The Playmobil Adventure Pony Ride is a great way to enjoy a trail ride with your beloved horse and enjoy the peaceful country life. Once assembled, you can put your helmet on and mount your horse ready for a lovely walk through the fields, admiring the trickling stream, blooming flowers, leafy trees, ducks quacking, otter splashing, and butterflies flitting through the sky. This set includes a one adult and one child figure, two horses and one foal, duck family, otter, frog, butterflies, backpack, field fencing with signs, grassy area with stream and trees, and more accessories for a countryside adventure.

PMB 70512

Box size approx. 24.8 x 18.7 x 7.2 cm

Suitable for ages 4+