Ridley's Chinese Checkers

Ridley's Chinese Checkers

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Even though Chinese Checkers was never invented in China (we actually have Germany to thank for this addictive family game) it’s a board game that has reached global popularity with it’s simple rules and daring tactics. Suitable for all ages, the rules are simple and straightforward, but the game play can range from basic to mastermind strategy level. Suitable for two to six individuals or teams, it’s a game you’ll defiantly be taking with you on all your family holidays.


  • The family game to challenge the young and old alike
  • Play as individuals or in groups
  • Simple rules, hundreds of different strategies to try



  • Suitable for up to six individual players
  • Instructions included
  • Beautifully packaged in hexagonal box measuring 36cm across
  • Materials: Marbles are made of plastic, the board is a decorated cardboard