Roobee Roo - That's Me

Roobee Roo - That's Me

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There is something very special about Roobee Roo’s pouch. Could it be ... magic? Whilst Mummy Roo stores endless things in her pouch to use later on, Roobee Roo’s pouch seems to fill itself. Every morning Roobee wakes to find something new in her pouch. Just how it got there, nobody knows. All we do know is that Roobee’s pouch offers answers to life’s biggest question: What Will I Do Today?

The funny thing about pouches is how much they can tell you about someone. So why don't you show us what's in your pouch, Roobee Roo.

Roobee Roo that's me!

  • Preschool | 28pp | Board Book Series
  • Approx. 100 words.
  • Size: 150 x 150 x 15mm
  • Published by Goody Press, 2019.

For every Roobee Roo book sold, Roobee Roo's creators give funds to help provide a meal. Share your love of #roobeeroo.