Yams (Yahtzee) Junior

Yams (Yahtzee) Junior

Yams (Yahtzee) Junior

The famous game of Yahtzee, simplified and reimagined with a wacky animal twist!

Players take turns rolling the five dice up to three times, trying to get 3 or more matching animals. Getting three or more matching animals allows them to place a token on the corresponding animal square. The winner either lines up three completed tokens in a row on their board, or manages to roll a 5-of-a-kind with the dice in one turn.


• strategic planning

• decision-making functions

• family/team bonding

A recreated classic game from Djeco. Easily understood, played and enjoyed by the whole family!

2 - 4 players | Set includes: 4 cards, 28 animal counters, 5 dice, set of instructions.