Ancient Egypt The Mask of Tutankhamun 300pc

Ancient Egypt The Mask of Tutankhamun 300pc

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The Egyptian civilisation is one of the most significant of all time, and its artistic expressions have a style unmatched in history. From the pyramids to the Sphinx, papyri to wall reliefs, each work is an eternal symbol of the greatness of the pharaohs. Read this 32-page book dedicated to Ancient Egypt and assemble the puzzle of one of the most famous artefacts of antiquity: the mask of Tutankhamun.

• A practical and elegant case with a fantastic book dedicated to Egyptian civilisation and a 300-piece puzzle to reconstruct Tutankhamun’s mask.

GIANT PUZZLE: The Mask of Tutankhamun 300 pieces

Package: 22cm x 28.5 cm x 6cm

Age: 6+


Authors: N. Fabris, I. Trevisan