CollectA Advent Calendar - Farm Time

CollectA Advent Calendar - Farm Time

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CollectA Advent Calendar - Farm Time

We love this Advent Calendar by CollectA of Farm and Horse figureines.  The collection includes a sheep, billy goat, donkey, small tortoiseshell butterfly, ladybird, hen, cockerel, white duck, goose, border collie, Andalusian stallion, mustang stallion, sow, Fresian cow, Lipizzaner stallion, Appaloosa stallion, Arabian stallion, Morgan stallion, shire horse mare, quarter horse stallion, Hanoverian stallion, Fresian stallion, Clydesdale stallion, and thoroughbred mare.

For further fun, download the app and watch your farm figures come to life.

Comes with all 24 mini figures and 12 AR cards, as well as paper scenery cards for a fun, interactive diorama set up.

Box 40 x 30cm (LH)

CollectA 84178 Farm and Horse Advent Calendar - Released 2020

Suitable for ages 3+. Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.