Journey through the undergrowth with your magic three-colour lens (included) and discover over 180 minibeasts from every continent, under the sea and even from prehistoric times.

Invertebrates make up nearly 97% of life on earth! With your lens in hand, discovermini beast habitats, and learn more about the impressive insects and other creepy crawlies that scuttle and wriggle around the world.

Your green lens reveals ahabitat, spanning7 continents, under the sea and prehistoric times. Learn how the particular environments and challenges that minibeasts face here.

  • Your red lens brings to life insects including beetles, butterflies, moths, flies and wasps.
  • Your blue lens uncovers theother invertebrate creepy crawlies from different mini beast families including worms, snails, spiders.
  • Fact pages fill in the details and guide you through a world bursting with life and colour.