Kardia Beauty - Coconut Cleansing Cream

Kardia Beauty - Coconut Cleansing Cream

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Kardia Beauty - Coconut Cleansing Cream

You’ll be dreaming of summer all year round with this refreshingly zesty coconut cleansing cream (super sized 195mls).  It’s uniquely formulated with organic and 100% natural ingredients for a gentle, luxurious and deeply hydrating cleanse.  It respects and protects the skin's natural pH balance, while restoring moisture..

Filled with skin-loving ingredients, our all-natural cleansing cream works wonders, gently removing dirt, sweat, oils and sunscreen without every compromising the skin's natural balance.

It will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and energised and perfectly primed for our Watermelon Honey Hydrating Cream. 

Hero ingredients:

  • coconut water and coconut oil
  • lime oil
  • jojoba seed oil
  • shea butter


Cleanse at night by gently massaging a small amount (1 pump) onto dry skin.  Add a little warm water to assist the cleanse. Rinse and pat dry.