Liquifly Fizz Rocket Deluxe

Liquifly Fizz Rocket Deluxe

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Liquifly Fizz Rocket Deluxe

This seriously fun experiment uses air and water to power the bottle rocket more than 30 meters into the atmosphere. Within two minutes the Liquifly rocket is ready to launch, all you need is a windless day, an adult, 1-3 litres of water and a fun-loving and inquisitive attitude. Liquifly works on the same principles as other rockets, sourcing its energy from water and air to create a thrust to send it sky-high.

This is a serious rocket. Must have someone 18 or over at launch.


Flies over 30 meters.

Powered by air and water.

Easy 2 minutes to set up.

Package Includes

1 Bottle.


low launch valve.

high launch valve.

6m of launch hose.


release fittings.

an instruction booklet.