Paola Reina - Carla Ballerina

Paola Reina - Carla Ballerina

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Paola Reina dolls are a special brand of doll. Produced entirely in Europe, they are crafted from the highest quality materials for those who appreciate things well done. Paola Reina dolls have a soft vanilla scent, their hair is made of German nylon and styled by hand, facial features are hand-painted and their eyes are made of hard plastic with relief, which gives them a life-like expression. All fabrics and materials used to produce Paola Reina Dolls meet European standards with regards to quality and safety.

This new version of the Paola Reina Carla Ballerina Doll is wearing white and silver  ballet tutu with pink rosettes, pink ballet shoes and white stockings. Her beautiful long blonde hair is held back with a pretty pink organza headband. Age: 3 +

Product Size: 32 cm length

Eye Colour: blue
Made in Spain