Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family

Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family

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Meet the Woolly Alpaca Family. Pack includes Father Andre, Mother Ariana, Brother Fiorella and Sister Gabriel.

Andre is a peaceful soul who enjoys laying out in the sun. He's very good at knitting, and each year he makes sure everyone in his family has a new scarf in time for winter. While he likes nothing more than to sit down and relax, Andre also loves music so much that he can't stop himself from dancing whenever he hears a beat!

Ariana has a laid-back attitude and a wonderful voice; if you pass by the Aji house, you're sure to hear her humming away! She is a quick and skilled weaver and all of the family's clothes, tablecloths, and rugs are her own creations.

Fiorella is quiet but tough. She enjoys embroidery and often embellishes her mother's creations. Fiorella loves to sit around and relax, but she's surprisingly quick on her feet and she's the only member of the family who can catch the baby.

Gabriel is a smiley baby who crawls away as fast as the wind. He often finds himself tangled up in his father's knitting yarn.