Tender Leaf Toys Ouch Puzzle

Tender Leaf Toys Ouch Puzzle

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Tender Leaf Toys Ouch Puzzle

This three layer, 12 piece wooden puzzle will encourage your child to learn about the human body in a fun way.

These great preschool puzzles have different remedies which lift up to show which part of the body they fix. The thermometer tells your temperature, the bandaid fixes a wound. Tender Leaf toddler puzzles are great for your child to learn what makes us feel poorly and how we can remedy it. It’s perfect to help explain a trip to the doctor.

Why we love the Tender Leaf Toys Ouch Wooden Puzzle:

  • 12 piece puzzle
  • unique design
  • beautiful illustrations
  • sustainable rubberwood
  • water based paints
  • formaldehyde free

Size: 21 x 21 x 1 cm

Age: 3 years +